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Puerto Aventuras Marina - Where the Action Is!

Puerto Aventuras Fishing Charter Boats catch fish Right outside the marina!

Puerto Aventuras fishing charter boats fish ten minutes from the dock. The Gulf Stream runs 1/2 mile off shore. The "ledge" parallels the coast for miles in both directions. The crystal clear Caribbean waters drop rapidly to 300', then 500' and then 1200'and then 1600'.

Look at the map (thank you Google). You can see the ledge and where it parallels the coastline. We run our Puerto Aventuras fishing charter boats up and down this ledge because it gives us the best chance at catching really big fish. As you look at the map you can easily understand why it's worth the drive to fish from Puerto Aventuras.

The best of the Playa del Carmen charter boats dock at the Marina at Puerto Aventuras. Weare 12 miles south of Playa del Carmen.

From a broader tourist perspective Puerto Aventuras Marina is well placed because of it's easy access to all of the great attractions that make the Riviera Maya such a wonderful vacation spot.

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